Wifi Router and file server

3467 Wifi Router and file server

Predicted Finishing Date : 16 January 2016

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1. Project Background :
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This will make the LeMaker Guitar into a portable wireless hotspot that can be powered with any USB battery pack

2. Project Content:
The Lemaker Gituar will utilise the USB 3.0 port with a USB 3.0 compatible WiFi dongle with 5 GHz capability and the 10/100M Ethernet port or a cellular network. The GPIO will be use as LED indicators so the user can tell if the WIFI router is ON/OFF or has a problem. Within the hotspot there will be a file server running with utilise the CPU and the USB 2.0 ports. The file server can then take data from external mass storage device and transmit it over the hotspot. The router will be able to work on cellular networks as well. The kind of networks it will be able to work on depends on the cellular dongle.

3. Project Schedule :
1: Order WiFi dongle / cellular dongle and microSD card
2: Wait for ordered item and the Lemaker guitar 
3: Configure the software and test out prototype build
4: Finalize build
5:Build an enclosure for the router

4. Project Advantages:
Many people that buy commercially available router are not able to hack and modify the product usually due to the lack of information provided by the manufacturer due to the product closed source nature. With the LeMaker Guitar router the user can hack it and modify the software to his/her needs. They can also add additional features by themselves.s


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