3968 SCADA

Predicted Finishing Date : 29 February 2016

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1. Project Background :
This project will be undertaken to evaluate whether the LeMaker Guitar is a suitable platform to run industrial strength SCADA. The SCADA system in question was a successful product many years ago and was applied to a variety of projects with blue-chip companies in such industries as pharmaceuticals, steel, nuclear power, power distribution, water treatment, and power generation. Some work has already been done to port the software to an ARM environment i.e. the Raspberry Pi, but the Raspberry Pi is less than optimal mainly due to its form factor. LeMaker Guitar is far more suitable in that the baseboard can be specifically designed to suit the product needs with traditional interfaces such as multiple serial communications (RS 232 and RS 485) and new communication technologies such as ZigBee.
2. Project Content:
The project is actually quite simple in that we need to select the best operating system - the software must run the Linux so the current choices between Ubuntu Mate and Lemuntu - we must then choose a suitable development environment - current thinking is that Code::Blocks would be the most suitable - we must then recompile the existing source code to run on the new platform fixing any issues that arise due to working with the Guitar - the next stage is to test the application and produce a set of base data files for people to work with and finally produce an image that can be distributed to those that are interested.
3. Project Schedule :
I believe the project can be completed within 6 to 8 weeks with the schedule as follows:
Choose the operating system - 2 weeks. This is not as simple as it sounds experience shows that all operating systems have their pros and cons; for example Ubuntu Mate has an annoying problem in that the cursor disappears when it has to change form and Lemuntu is a new distribution we have not worked with before based on Debian 8.2. On the LeMaker Guitar both OS's have problems setting up the video resolution etc.
Select the IDE - 1 week. This could probably be done in less than one week since the choice is fairly easy. We need an open source IDE and the three main contenders are Code::Blocks, Eclipse and Anjuta. We just need to see which is the most suitable for the Guitar.
Port the software and address any issues because of the new platform - 2 weeks. Two weeks seems a reasonable amount of time to do this work since any issues we encounter are assumed to be minor however we will have a weeks contingency in case any issues are more difficult than we expect.
Produce a basic database and build an image - 1 week. We should easily be able to achieve this within one weeks' duration. Within this week we also expect fully document the process and produce a final report for general distribution.
4. Project Advantages:
This project will not be open source, however in the same vein as this LeMaker giveaway we will produce an giveaway 100 images to any developers who indicate they wish to take the product and either improve it or apply it to an interesting application. The images will include all of the binaries, all of the necessary libraries, sample source code for people to be able to do their own customer applications or new drivers and finally a suite documentation. The SCADA system has many advantages over products currently available:
* It is industrial quality built to ISO-standards and even had FDA approval since it was applied to pharmaceutical manufacture
* It is a comprehensive product that can be applied to many applications. Anyone thinking of doing a home automation project for example can use this product and start building the control strategies straightaway without worrying about the underlying application
* The product is extremely high performance and has the ability to be applied to the largest of projects
* Although not open source we expect the product to sell for a few tens of dollars. This is to cover the cost of ongoing development and the necessary support to users
If the the fact that this is not open source disqualifies me from this LeMaker giveaway promotion then so be it.
If there is enough interest from the community in the future we will look at developing a dedicated baseboard to suit the product and also producing an industrial enclosure