How drunk you are?

2491 How drunk you are?

Predicted Finishing Date : 20 May 2016

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1. Project Background :
Wine is a great beverage, but because good drink. Many people will get drunk and then have a lot of disputes.

2. Project Content:

I expect to use

1.LeMaker Guitar : It's very powerful broad with Cortex A9R4 CPU and since on broad WI-FI Bluetooth module it's easy to wireless community.
2.Gas Sensor (MQ 3)  : Very simple reason I chose this module. " It is suitable for detecting Alcohol, Benzine, CH4, Hexane, LPG, CO. Due to its high sensitivity and fast response time, measurements can be taken as soon as possible. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted by using the potentiometer."----from seeed wiki.
1. Ubuntu Mate For Guitar : Because not support Debian(silence for Ian), I will try this.

2. Alcohol Detect : I will try to follow sample code to do this first and tune it after.
3. Other Function : Maybe show data on the monitor or Buzzer alarm etc...

3. Project Schedule :

Because I have received other cases expected completion date will be in May 2016.

Project outline as below:

1. Unbox and Hardware prepare

2. OS Install

3. Hardware Assembly 

4. Detect Test and Tuning

5. Internet Connecting

6. Final Test

4. Project Advantages:

Yes, unless people do not drink.

Advantage of the market is that it is directly connected to the Internet, very instant.