Access control

2154 Access control

Predicted Finishing Date : 27 January 2016

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1. Project Background :
The project involves the use of Banana PRO, NFC and LCD screen. By using NFC will be possible to enter into FabLAB and inform the FB that the the user has entered or left the room. Information about who is in the room will also be on the website.
In addition, the service will be running the music player (MP3, interenetowe radio) and ownCloud.

2. Project Content:
The project aims to make access to the room FabLab. And provide information who is currently located in the room. Reading through the NFC card or smartphone.
The ability to play music through the application of ICP.
The common cloud based on ownCloud

3. Project Schedule :

  • 9.12.2015 - start project. (gathering requirements)
  • 16.12.2015 - Purchase the necessary elements
  • 23.12.2015 - case project
  • 4.1.2016 - Excision ocase. (laser cut)
  • 5-25.1.2016 - application Development
  • 27.1.2015 - mount access control

4. Project Advantages:
Product Open Source designed for Fablab, Hackerspace and companies