Extremis UAV

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Predicted Finishing Date : 31 July 2016

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1. Project Background :
This project aims to bring to reality the concept of the UAV with an extended autonomy. The Lemaker Guitar will enable me to use alongside ultrasonic, GPS and altitude sensors, a camera, for OpenCV image recognition and processing. Also, the increased processing capability will allow me to use control and encryption algorithms that are more CPU intensive.

2. Project Content:
The project consists of 3 components : the UAV, the Android app for controlling the UAV and the transmission box attached to the mobile device, for long range communication. What is so unique about this UAV is the autonomous control algorithms, which will use the UAV as a glider at times, in order to save energy. Also, a few generators will be integrated in order to restore some power and to further prolong the autonomy of the device. Also, a "cargo holder" will be integrated into the wing, thus enabling the UAV to drop small packages.

3. Project Schedule :
I've established 3 major milestones : finishing the control app, then the control box, and finally the UAV. The control app is nearly ready as a prototype on a desktop machine. The next step is porting the app to Android, by using Xamarin. I have already designed the wing and coded the algorithm for a gimbal system. What is left for now is the control box and the UAV algorithm. Then i will test the whole system and make adjustments and improvements. I will finish the project by the 31st of July 2016.

4. Project Advantages:
When compared with other UAVs on the market, Extremis has the following advantages:
-improved autonomy
-better control algorithm
-long range communication via NRF 2.4Ghz module
-control via an Android smartphone or tablet app, with an external module attached
-encrypted communication
-open source code and design files, so anyone can make their own project and improve on existing work