2077 iOS NAS

Predicted Finishing Date : 16 March 2016

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1. Project Background :
It is not easy to put files to or get its from iOS devices.  Although, we have Ethernet NAS connect to the wifi router. The available NAS is not tuned to be Wifi-NAS with high speed data transfer with ieee802.11/AC.   Because the Lemaker Guitar has USB3.0 with 1.3 GHz CPU.  So, we can make a new High speed wifi-NAS with Guitar.

2. Project Content:
1.Samba tuning with AC wifi dongle.
2.File manager with File system tuning.
3.Streaming several type of media data.
4.Backup iOS's data from major app, i.e.Note, iBook, etc.

3. Project Schedule :
It should be finish on 1-2 quarter of 2016. It depends on how fast I be familiar with Guitar.

4. Project Advantages:
The wifi high speed NAS with ieee802.11/AC is interesting to make it come true.  With ieee802.11/a/b/n the content like MOV or large data has some struggle on transferring via Wifi.