An Asterisk phonesystem on Guitar

2211 An Asterisk phonesystem on Guitar

Predicted Finishing Date : 29 February 2016

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1. Project Background :
I need a small device to run my phone system in my Home Office. It will replace an aging laptop that is actually running my phone system at the moment.
I'm actively working with asterisk for about 10 years now, I've tested various way to run it, pc, laptop, virtualization. About 15 years ago I tested asterisk for the first time on a 486 computer.
2. Project Content:
This project will show how to install and run Asterisk and FreePBX WebUI on the LeMaker Guitar. I will also test transcoding capabilities of the board.
If I can I'll try to provide an image of a ready to go system, I'll need to learn/read the forum on how to do this first.
3. Project Schedule :
When I get the board I will get on installing everything needed to install asterisk along with freepbx. All the steps will be posted to the forum for other to easily follow.
4. Project Advantages:
The advantage would be low power consumption, small device and I assume will be powerfull enough to transcode without adding too much delay. With transcoding you would be able to have HD audio on your local extensions while still being able to have a uLaw/aLaw (normal audio) provider.
The main disadvantage from other projects would be that there are no ready made enclosure for this board yet, but I'm sure somebody will get onboard the project and develop a nice enclosure. If I had the skill I would design something that we can get laser cut in acrylic.
In the end the forum readers will be able to compile and install everything they need to have a working phone system.