AmbiLight RGB LED

2142 AmbiLight RGB LED

Predicted Finishing Date : 31 January 2016

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1. Project Background :
We made a great project using Raspberry, Arduino and WS2812b RGB LED strip. You can check it at 
Now we want to do even more with LeMaker and try to use new hardware for even better user experience!

2. Project Content:
Idea is to add LED RGB strip behind your LED TV that will change colours according to video that your player (LeMaker) is playing. Why? Because you can :) and it is easier for your eyes at night.

3. Project Schedule :
1. Find proper KODI version and install it to LeMaker
2. Install and adopt existing Hyperion Config
3. Revise Arduino sketch and optionally try to avoid it using if LeMaker can communicate fast enough with WS2812b
4. Connect everything and test
5. Enjoy LeMaker!

4. Project Advantages:
Other project use Boblight and have noticable delay, we managed to avoid it and try to do even better with LeMakers