The blindotron

5620 The blindotron

Predicted Finishing Date : 29 February 2016

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1. Project Background :
The purpose of the project is to build a remote controlled window blind system. The system will fit any blind remote as it will emulate button pressing rather then try to emulate the device of the blind system vendor. The additional purpose is to be able to control the window blinds so that I can open and close them from my phone.

2. Project Content:
Project includes three parts:
1. Hardware to connect a micro-computer like a LaMaker Guitar or a Raspberry Pi via the GPIO interface to an electrical relay that will join the connectors of the proprietary window blind system remote control. I already have a proof of concept using Raspberry Pi. Photo here: (for some reason I could not upload it). The design needs a major correction though. That is the GPIO PIN pull-down or pull-up so that the PIO is initialized in a predefined state on power on. This is to avoid unexpected blind control on AC power down and up.
2. The GPIO control needs to be executed using a user-space program to avoid access rights being too high when control via web is utilized. This is done typically via a dedicated deamon.
3. A web page needs to be designed to control the blinds. The simplest solution is a CGI bash script that will enable the relay switch and will be accesses via a simple HTTP GET request. This means calling up a dedicated URL.
An optional component of the project is to make this solution secure. This is optional due to not really strictly connected to LeMaker but rather to the general web security knowledge.

3. Project Schedule :
Step 2 and partially step 3 (simplest page for tests) complete until end of Jan 2016.
Step 1 complete by mid Feb 2016
Step 3 complete by end of Feb 2016

4. Project Advantages:
You can connect your micro computer to virtually any relay switch. This means you need not know any details about the system you control or risk breaking any licence by digging into licensed or proprietary hardware. This can be put into a small board and bundled with a web page software package so that the whole setup takes minutes.