Data transfer using visible light for communication

8010 Data transfer using visible light for communication

Predicted Finishing Date : 29 February 2016

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1. Project Background :
This project deals with transfer of data using light bulbs. With the exponentially increasing data demand but limited available radio spectrum, alternatives will be necessary to accommodate the needs of wire-free communication systems.

2. Project Content:
It is based on simple concept that if the LED is on, you transmit a digital 1, if it’s off you transmit a 0. The LEDs can be switched on and off very quickly, which gives nice opportunities for transmitting data and since the data is in form of 0s and 1s so possibly every type of data be it a video,audio,text can be transferred using light.Data can be encoded in the light to generate a new data stream by varying the flickering rate of the LED. To be clearer, by modulating the LED light with the data signal, the LED illumination can be used as a communication source. As the flickering rate is so fast, the LED output appears constant to the human eye.

The current prototype that has been developed does not use a processing system such as a computer but with the help of a processing system,much more complex data such as video stream can be processed and transferred using light

3. Project Schedule :
I have currently developed a prototype that can transfer bits of serial data and no processing as soon as i get my processing system i will start working on parallel bits transmission, then working on data processing and live data streaming within a week and after that prototype testing and debugging as soon as everything gets completed. the total duration for completing the project will be 45-60 days

4. Project Advantages:

1. Vehicle to vehicle communication and vehicle to roadside communication.
2. Because of interference of Radio Waves in aircrafts this technology is safe as it uses only light.

3. From the military point of view this technology can be used underwater where Wi-Fi fails.

4. If this technology is available to everyone then one can easily get public internet access just by hovering under a street lamp or a desk lamp.

5. Cars can communicate with each other by using with LED based headlight and backlights thereby preventing the chances of accidents. Also traffic lights can be made to communicate with traffic.
6. Chemical factories and plants can use this technology where use of RF can be hazardous.


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