2601 FlickTop

Predicted Finishing Date : 08 January 2016

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1. Project Background :

When working daily I find that a laptop is often too clunky and the boot times are way to long unlike the open up of a tablet. Nevertheless, one finds it very hard to be productive on a tablet, especially without lugging around an expensive keyboard case. The FlikTop aims to change that, running an easy to boot system allowing you to be as productive as possible: on the go, to show on a dime and to chuck in your bag.

2. Project Content:

The Fliktop is aimed to be of a 7-9 inch screen size (connected via ribbon cable) and will be running either an android or an ubuntu software. However I can compare the two performance wise and then judge. The casing itself will be either 3D printed or made from lazerprinted acrylic  (my school has the resources for both).

 The battery itself will of course be a lithium ion battery (looking at about 5000-6000mAh) with a powerboost 1000 with charging circuit which will provide the lemaker board with 5.2v.

The keyboard and track pad will be extracted and manually connected from a portable wireless keyboard. In terms of the screen, at this size 720 or 1080 is fine and touchscreen is a bonus, allowing for the possibility of an ultrabook style experience (this would lean me towards android) which also happens to have microsoft office. 

3. Project Schedule :

Depending on the time of arrival (if I am lucky enough to receive one), the schedule should be as follows:

1) Opening of the board and testing, seeing speeds of both android and linux desktops and deciding what is best (approx 3 days)

2) Design and creation of the casing in CAD and fitting the parts, also ordering the other parts e.g.battery (approx.7 days)

3)Adding the parts bought, creating circuits for the LEDs and spending some time with the keyboard connecting it (approx.7 days)

4)testing and final touches e.g. LEDs and colour design (approx. 5 days)

5) Video and presentation of the project for you guys and to help others make a project as fun as this! (3 days)


this adds up to a total of 25 days of course

Thank you so much for this opportunity, I very much hope I can make this project a reality :3


4. Project Advantages:

My project has advantages over others as it is relatively possible to complete in a short timespan i.e. you can be assured that this project will be finished on time and as specified and hoped. Unfortunately some of the more ambitious projects will ultimately face many more setbacks than I will. Moreover my school has many of the resources required to give the Fliktop a very sleek and professional look and any circuit based problems can be addressed to my electronics teacher who has worked in the field for many years.