Weather Satellite Receiver

5003 Weather Satellite Receiver

Predicted Finishing Date : 15 January 2016

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1. Project Background :
Briefly introduce your project 
The main idea is to use a SDR (Software Defined Radio) to receive APT (Automatic Picture Transmission) signals and fill a database with images to be later be analysed by any 3rd party software.  Also I want the project to be a good platform for start working with OpenSource SDR.

2. Project Content:
Tell us your project theory and main contents :)
The project will contain a RTL2832U SDR, a portable computer and a Weather Satellite Optimzed Antenna that can be installed anywhere and can be managed remotely. It will run linux and the project will be fully opensource.
The idea is to receive and decode APT signals from satellites like NOAA 15 / 18 / 19 that are still active and passes by every hour. A RTL2832U SDR is pretty cheap ( about US$15 ) and it is widely available, and works (most of them) at USB 2.0 port. The Software Radio can be made manually with the librtl-sdr or using GNU Radio (that uses RTL-SDR as well, but have much more modules).
Also (if enough time) I plan to make it able to receive a HRPT (High Resolution Picture Transmission) signal and decode a high resolution satellite image as well. Aditionally it can be used as a Generic FM Receiver.
3. Project Schedule :
What's the schedule of this project ? when will you finish step 1, step 2...
1. Get the necessary hardware to build the project ( Hardware for SDR, Antennas, Computer, etc...)
2. Start making the software to parse the raw signal from RTL-SDR and generate a good APT signal.
3. Make a decoder for APT signal
4. Make a web interface to show the received settings.
5. Satellite Tracker with Doppler Calculation
4. Project Advantages:
Does your project have market prospect ? how about the advantages against others? Don't hesitate to tell us.
This project can lead to OpenSource Weather Stations and also OpenSource SDR Development Platform. There are only few projects in the market because usually SDR development platforms costs a lot. Making a cheap SDR kit should increase the interest since GNU Radio is very easy to use if you know the basics of Signal Processing (you can just drag & drop blocks for the data).