Attack preventer

1691 Attack preventer

Predicted Finishing Date : 15 January 2016

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1. Project Background :
These Project Works under the medical field and useful for the heart patient still many peoples in the world suffers from heart attack even though new medicines evolved.

2. Project Content:
Many people's are died by the heart attack,even though many youngster are died in young age due to stress and strain .The heart attack can't be neglected ,but it can be avoided.Here in these project the normal jacket with the two sensor strips it is designed.The sensor strips measure heart beat level and send the data to the embedded device the single board.The device is going to measure the heart beat rate regularly ,when the person had the attack the sensor present inside the jacket will starts to produce the vibration in heart area and start to produce the cough,these will make the blood circulation more faster than the normal circulation that functions the heart faster and prevent the blockings.The embedded device will record the previous heart beat and attack heart beat ,everything will be collected and stored in the kit  and send to the near by hospitals or the doctor that she/he undergoing treatment for the further treatment,the vibration and pressure can be designed manually in the embedded device.These will be helpful for heart patients and to common  people's.

3. Project Schedule :
I finish the Project in the Step 1 and step 2 in the end of the January 2017

4. Project Advantages:
These project is the eco-friendly project and there is no side effects to patient and its going to be change the future world.