LeMaker introduction

Shenzhen LeMaker Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company. Its mission is “Share, Innovation, Opensource, Education and Commonweal”. With the upsurge of Industry 4.0 and the Maker movement, to “make Innovation easier”, LeMaker has launched the open-source and innovation platform of Banana series and LeMaker Guitar, which together with the online community, www.lemaker.org, constitutes the open-source and innovation ecosystem. Over 100 cases have been shared here so far. Till the end of May in 2015, there have been 5 Kickstarter programs conceiving the promising cooperation with the LeMaker platform, of which one has successfully achieved crowdfunding (150,000 USD has been collected). The PV of the online forum has exceeded 9 million and users are all over the world. 

LeMaker community has gone into partnership with many opensource communities and worldwide forums for developers such as Ubuntu, OpenWrt, Debian, linux-sunxi, Fedora, OpenBSD. Together with its partners, LeMaker has contributed to a series of education programs and public commonweal projects. For example, LeMaker is cooperating with many famous enterprises in various fields, such as ARM, Linaro, Linux International, Freescale, Actions, Jiguo and so on. We are cooperating with many colleges and universities in the field of maker education, including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Central South University, Hunan University and so forth. LeMaker has also set up cooperation with Inveneo to carry out projects of “Banana Pi's to Remote Pacific Island Schools” and “Powered Digital Library For Pacific Island Schools”. At the same time, LeMaker succeed in inviting Mr. Jon Hall as the adviser. In the light of open-source and sharing, LeMaker is attracting more and more “changing-the-world” makers to join the innovation ecosystem, so that “everyone is becoming a maker and everyone is making”.

The story about LeMaker

On March 2014, LeMaker was built by a group of makers. They were eager to achieve their dreams about maker and open source. From a small team with 3 makers to LeMaker Team with over 70 members, LeMaker is growing up quickly. And we believe innovations that enrich people’s lifes. We are going to create an open source community to improve maker education in China.

LeMaker logo

LeMaker logo is an “M”.

Explanation of LeMaker brand

LeMaker stand for happy makers. They enjoy the happy of making and sharing. LeMaker is changing and LeMakers are changing.

Products and service

LeMaker is the first open source hardware and software enterprise and open source ecological community.

Open source hardware series

LeMaker open source hardware series consists of Banana Pro, Banana Pi and LeMaker music series with excellent compatibility and expansibility. It applies to a wide range of fields with tons of applications, including 3D scanner, robot, smart home, IoT and so on.

Open source ecological community

LeMaker open source ecological community included projects share and offline salon, made up of hardware, software and community. LeMaker community is supported by famous chip manufactory, provider for supply chain solutions. We provide the sharing platform to all. And we support great maker projects in China by offline salon and maker contest.


June 2015

LeMaker built strategy cooperation with Freescale and Linaro.

LeMaker Team takes part in Maker Faire Shenzhen 2015 as main partner

May 2015

LeMaker Join the LCG Alliance founded by Linaro

April 2015

LeMaker attended the CITE 2015 and Hong Kong Electrics Faire (Spring Edition)

March 2015

LeMaker built strategy cooperation with Actions

LeMaker attended CeBIT 2015

March 2014

LeMaker was formally established