LeMaker on FrOSCon 2015 (Free Software and Open Source Conference)

15 September 2015 By: LeMaker 6636 21
On 22nd and 23rd August. LeMaker Team attended the FrOSCon (Free Software and Open Source Conference) at St. Augustin.In detail we had:- the whole Banana hardware family- the german Banana Pi book (

On 22nd and 23rd August. LeMaker Team attended the FrOSCon (Free Software and Open Source Conference) at St. Augustin.

In detail we had:

- the whole Banana hardware family

- the german Banana Pi book ("Schnelleinstieg Banana Pi")

- a 24" display connected to a Banana Pro running Bananian with LXDE GUI


- a Banana Pro connected to the 7" LCD

- the LeMaker Guitar which running the original preinstalled Ubuntu

image (connected to the 24" display for testing)

- acrylic glass mounted with a Banana Pi, Banana Pro, 2,5" HDD and a

switch (by Frank)

- lots of sweets! ;)

Saturday (22. August) was the first conference day. We met Frank at 8:30am, picked up our Exhibitor conferences badges and did some final booth installation. At 9 am the conference opened for visitors.
That was when the stress began! ;). There were so many interested visitors from all over Germany and Europe. Some of them just came to the conference to talk to us.
We collected very positive feedback and compared to last years FrOSCon the Banana Pi/Pro hardware is now very well known. Most of them favor the Banana Pi/Pro because of the native Gbitethernet and SATA which is a killer feature compared to the Raspberry Pi. Everyone is claiming the Banana Pi/Pro as stable and reliable. No major problems have been reported.
When it comes to the operating system people prefer Bananian because it is very lightweight and rock-stable. bananian-update is outstanding! All other images have to be reflashed after every new release.

In summary the first conference day was very busy - and awesome! :)
At 6 pm the "Social Event" (barbecue and drinks) began. Everything was free for all conference visitors and we had a nice evening.
The second conference day (Sunday, 23. August) was a bit more quiet than the first day. To be honest: We really enjoyed this! I had time to visit a talk (about privacy protection) while Tina and
Frank managed our booth.

Altogether we successfully managed to present the Banana Pi/Pro and Bananian at this very busy confernce. 

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