Ubuntu Core 16 For LeMaker Guitar

18 November 2016 By: LeMaker 7068 5
The latest ubuntu core 16 for LeMaker Guitar.

Hi Everyone,Now we can download the latest ubuntu core for LeMaker Guitar from here:http://www.lemaker.org/product-guitar-download-58.html

By default, it is used for LeMaker Guitar + LeMaker Guitar Baseboard Rev.B Plus. 

You can also download the source code for the ubuntu core from here: https://github.com/LeMaker/SnappyUbuntuCore . Please read the README to see how to complie the project.

How to install?

1. Preparation
As the ubuntu core image for guitar is booted from SD card,so we need install the image to the SD card.
And you need make sure your emmc falsh is empty or is falshed with the lastest image for Lemuntu, Android or Ubuntu. 

2. Download and flash
Download the image file, and extract it to .img file (about 4GB). Then use win32diskimager to falsh the extracted image file to the sd card.

3. Power on
Insert the sd card to LeMaker Guitar, and power on the board. You can see the initial configuration menu. We need creat a Ubuntu account and add a ssh key to your ubuntu core. You can refere the link to configuration:http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/ . Please see the "Setup your Ubuntu SSO account". 

After creat the Ubuntu SSO account and add the ssh key to your account, you can back to the guitar to finish the cofiguration.

4. Login
After configuration you can use ssh to login to the device, for example:ssh tony.zhang@

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