Android developers how to experience android N quickly ?

25 May 2016 By: LeMaker 6653 6
Android developers how to experience android N quickly ?

Google released many cool and interesting applications in the just concluded summary 2016 Google IO summit , including :

Google Assistant

Google Home

Allo and Duo

New generation Android N

VR platform Google Daydream

Android Wear 2.0

In these Google IO applications, we are most familiar with the Android OS, it’s 10 years since it was released firstly. Android N improved the performance and security greatly comparing with Android M.


Android N added the graphical tool Vulkan which improve the performance of 3D effects and new JIT complier’s introduction will increase APP ‘s installation amount over 75% .


Android N support the totally new document encryption mode “File-based Encryption” ,which shall be safer than former “Block-based Encryption” mode.


Android N has supported split screen tasking function and multi-task switching function, which improved the convenience of operation for users.


Android N official version will release in this summer, now the developer version is available. However, We think that many developers haven’t experienced the Android M and Android L, because the mobile phone manufacturer is too slow. In order to make sure everybody can experience the latest Android OS. We’d like to introduce a new platform-HiKey.


HiKey has been awarded as the Google Android developing platform. We can download the latest android OS source code or image file and run it on HiKey.


Now , the latest source code version is Android M on  Google but  don’t worry Android N will release soon. So, you engineers, throw away your cellphones and choose HiKey instead. You’ll get the best developing experience and develop coolest Android APP through choosing HiKey.


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